• Easily create orders
  • Your customers get an automatic text reminding them about their inspection
  • Our built in tools make it easy to follow up with your customers
  • All your information securely backed up in the cloud
  • No licensing fees per computer.
  • No contracts
  • Ipad and Android application built
  • Affordable low cost
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Easy to use

Home Inspector Plus: Home inspection software makes order taking so easy for home inspectors in numerous ways. Some of the benefits of this software will be elaborated below, illustrating how it can make a home inspector’s life easier.

All your scheduled inspections can be viewed in an easy to navigate calendar; this essentially means you don’t have to hire a personal assistant who keeps tracks of your orders or you don’t have to set separate reminders for different inspections, Home Inspector Plus: Home inspection software can do this for you and you can view all your Inspections in one click. This would make it easier to keep track of more inspections in your schedule or easily plan out other tasks by viewing times in between work periods.

Additionally, this ensures that no inspection is lost or forgotten as you have every inspection schedule in front of you. Credibility and reliability are two traits that rank highly amongst any sort of clients; if you are late to an inspection or if you forget it completely, the customer might not want to work with you again On the other hand, if you are always on time, you will be highly rated in your industry. Home Inspector Plus: Home inspection software can help you earn such reputation by making sure no inspection is forgotten.

Another benefit this software provides is that it is multiple-device friendly, meaning it can be accessed from any device. All you need is a computer, smartphone or a tablet to access and view your work calendar. Nothing can hinder your work again, even if you are careless enough to forget your phone or computer at home!

If anywhere you don’t have Internet access, that doesn’t mean that you are stuck, the Home Inspector Plus: Home inspection software offline feature enables you to add inspections to your work schedule even if you are offline on your tablet or your smartphone. As soon as you get in an internet-access zone, the app will automatically sync across the cloud and your offline entry would now be visible across all other devices you use to view your work schedule.

The ease that this software brings in booking appointments or following schedule is a major benefit for home inspectors, as they will always have a track of their work or free slots in a day, minimizing the chance of missing an appointment.

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